The Church: Interview with Steve Kilbey

The Church: Interview with Steve Kilbey

The Church is an Australia rock band formed in 1980 in the city of Canberra. Its founders were Peter Koppes and Nick Ward (who’s no longer part of the group). His music originated from principles and rock was transformed into different styles, including post punk, symphonic rock, among others. His great atmospheric guitars made ​​them a group of great originality, never could easily categorize them in a way, as is a band that experimented a lot with the sound.

They have an enviable discography, where we can name a few discs that personally, I just seem essential for a music lover, as The Blurred Crusade, Seance, Heyday, Starfish, Aftenon Good Fix, Priest Aura, among others; have given us classic rock for many years with great music quality. They recently published A Psychedelic Symphony, available on DVD and CD .

Now, Steve Kilbey, singer of the band, gave us an EXCLUSIVE interview for Subway Rock, I hope you enjoy.

The Church – Reptile | Live in Sydney | Moshcam

SR: First of all, it is a great honor to talk with members The Church. How did you get together?

Peter Koppes and I were old friends and had played in bands before The Church. And then we met Marty at a gig when we were playing as a 3 piece. Richard, our first real drummer answered an ad in a paper.

SR: Did you have any musical experience before playing at The Church?

Yes I played in lots of bands doing different things for 10 years.

SR: Do you have a memorable story from the band´s early years that you would like to share?

We opened for Duran Duran on an English tour. Their fans hated us! They only ever clapped if something went wrong.

SR: The Church have a long and enviable discography, do you have a favorite album? One that conveys the essence of the band?

Yeah, Priest = Aura is my favorite still. It’s got some very dreamy dark moments.

the church alive

SR: Throughout your musical career you have worked with labels such as Arista, Parlophone, Cooking Vinyl and Second Motion Records. What recording house gave you greater creative freedom?

The one who put the least money in gives the most freedom. The more money the less freedom.

SR: Marty Wilson Piper left The Church after many years of successful collaboration. How do you feel after his departure?


SR: Tell me about the musicians that comprise the band today.

It’s Peter and ME of course. Then there’s Tim Powles on drums, he’s been playing with us for 20 years. And the new guy is Ian Haug from Powderfinger, one of Australia’s most successful bands ever. But they broke up!

The Church – Under The Milky Way (Live in Sydney) | Moshcam

SR: In 2013 you released Future-Past-Perfect in DVD, a historical tour of the band. How was the experience of recording this DVD?

Incredible, it was one of our best nights ever. I’m glad it all got recorded.

SR: How is recording for your new album going? Who is the musical producer? When will it hit the market?

Our new album is unbelievably good if you can believe me. We are producing it ourselves. It is very beatley

SR: Anything else that you would like to add for the readers of Subte Rock?

Yeah, I hope that they get to check out our new record because its so fucking groovy! It will becalled Further Deeper

SR: Bye

the church members


The Church – Aura (Live in Sydney) | Moshcam


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