Sixth June in Lima: “We really enjoyed connecting the visual with the music”
Photo Credit To Facebook Sixth June

Sixth June in Lima: “We really enjoyed connecting the visual with the music”

News for electropop ans synthpop lovers. Tumbas Eternas Producciones presents the Serbian band Sixth June in Lima, as part of their Latin America tour next Friday, November 3 at Etnias Bar, located in Jirón de la Union 1074, Lima, Peru.

Sisxth June in Lima. Flyer
Official Flyer of the presentation of Sixth June in Lima. Support bands: Equinoxious (Mexico), Fragments (Ecuador) and Varsovia (Peru).

Sixth June was formed in 2008 by the visual artist Laszlo Antal and the actress Lidija Andonov. They are based in Berlin, Germany. They have produced four albums “Pleasure” (2013), “Back for a day” (2011) and “Everytime” (2010), and Virgo Rising (February 2017)  with Berlin [aufnahme + wiedergabe]. Sixth June arrive in Lima as part of their Latin American tour promoting their last album. “Night before”, “Nebo”, “Call me”, “Tatjana”, “Other side of love”, “My joy”, “Knife in the water” and “Falling”. After four years of pause, they return with a Synthpop in its purest state, a very enjoyable album.

This is an exclusive interview with Laszlo and Lidija, who kindly answered some questions about their musical career.

Sixth June in Lima. Band
Lidija Andonov and Laszlo Antal are members of the Serbian electrop band, Sixth June. Photography: Facebook of the band.

Tell your Peruvian fans a little bit about you, is this is your only musical project or if you already had some previous experience with music?
Sixth June was formed almost 10 years ago in Belgrade. We released our first record in 2010, and since then we live and work in Berlin. Moving to this city opened up new possibilities for us, and made it possible to travel through Europe and to play in the biggest cities. Sixth June has always been our main focus, but we have collaborated with other musicians and music projects as well. Laszlo has been the part of the duo Cult Club and recently begun his solo project Diesen.

sixth june Oh No it’s Burning

How does the idea of merging the visual arts with music arise to form Sixth June?
The merge the two was something very natural for us. Lidija is an actress and Laszlo is a visual artist and film maker, so this is where the strong visual note comes from.

The name of the band to which it refers us?
It refers to the birthday of a famous Serbian composer.

Sixth June in Lima. electropop
Sixth June moves through the sounds Synthpop, Minimal Wave, and New Wave, and we will enjoy its proposal next November 03 in Lima.

Have the membership of the band been always the same, or have you undergone changes?
It has always been the same.

By the way, how does the Post-Punk scene, Darkwave and electropop develop in Serbia?
Its not as big as in other European countries, but certainly has its representatives. It has built a very strong tradition since the ’80 with bands like Laibach, Borgesia, Paraf, Videosex.

Sixth June – Night Before (official video)

How much do you think you have evolved from your first LP “Everytime” to “Virgo Rising”?
It has been 8 years between the making the our first and latest release. We have evolved with all new releases, and we have always been searching for new ways to make our music interesting and fresh.

For us the first release represents the beginning and it put us on the map, opening up the possibilities, but we never wanted to got stuck in one style or sound, you can follow this through our next releases “back for a day” and “pleasure”, and of course we feel that Virgo rising is the most mature and complete work up to now.

Sixth June in Lima. Virgo Rising
“Virgo Rising” is the last album released by Sixth June. It went on sale on February 17 this year by the record label, aufnahme + wiedergabe. It consists of 8 themes.

Has the musical background of Sixth June always been the electropop or are you planning to turn to other dark rhythms at some point?
Our musical background contains a lot of different styles. Our songs has always been moving in the pop genre, but as said before as well, we don’t want to stick to any formula. Anything is possible in the future. 🙂

We actually don’t care about genre so much. We are getting inspirations from different types of music, and we are using different instruments. So when we start working on a new album we don’t really know in which direction will lead us.

And we don’t think about the genre it belongs to. We care about quality of music and about expression.

Sixth June – Drowning

As I read, audio-visuals are an important part of the band, with video clips such as “Drowning” or “Nebo”. When do you compose the themes, do you also think about this visual part?
Yes, it mostly connected right from the beginning. When we start to write a song we already have some images connected to it. It is somehow always going parallel… And this part of the process, connecting visual and musi,c is what we enjoy a lot, and we find it very challenging.

Do you have any knowledge of the Peruvian music scene?
Honestly, not really, and we are curious to explore it.

Sixth June in Lima. Flyer latinoamerican tour
Official Flyer of Sixth June Latin American Tour. In Lima, Peru will be presented next Friday November 3 in Ethnias Bar of Jiron of Union 1074.

What expectations do you have with this tour to Latin America?
To see and experience the music scene on this side of the world, to meet new people, and see new places. To get inspiration for our future work as visual artists and musicians.

What do you plan to offer your followers and lovers of Peruvian electropop?
We will give our best to show you the passion that we have in making music and performing it. we are really looking forward to play these shows and to share nice moments with the latin american crowd.

DIESEIN – YOU ( official video)

Finally, send a greeting to the readers of Subte Rock.
We are looking forward to meet you guys, and share some good vibes with you.

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