Frozen Wave: The Frozen Autumn in Lima [Interview 2013]

Frozen Wave: The Frozen Autumn in Lima [Interview 2013]

After playing in several bands, the Italian singer, keyboardist and synth programmer Diego Merletto founded The Frozen Autumn in 1993. The guitarist Claudio Brosio joined Merletto and made several studio sessions and live performances until his departure in 1998. The Frozen Autumn’s first commercial album, Pale Awakening, released in 1995, was well received by European fans of gothic and dark wave music. The band’s success was consolidated with the issue of Fragments Of Memories in 1997. In 1998, Merletto co-founded the side project Static Movement with his girlfriend Arianna (a.k.a Froxeanne), who also accompanied The Frozen Autumn in the voices of Fragments Of Memories. Static Movement released Visionary Landscapes, a purely electronic production different to The Frozen Autumn, in March 1999 and edited The Pale Collection in 2000. The Frozen Autumn’s third album, Emotional Screening Device, was released in 2003, followed by Is Anybody There? in 2005. His latest album, Chirality, came out 2011.

This is an exclusive interview with the band prior to their visit to Lima in October.

The Frozen Autumn – Sidereal Solitude

How did you become a musician? Why did you choose keyboards?

We’ve always felt the need to make music. It’s something we can’t just do without. The reason why we chose keyboards is, maybe, because synthesizer sounds “filled the air” everywhere in the late 70’s and 80’s, when we were children, and that has left a sort of “mark” on our way of perceiving and conceiving music.

What bands do you consider your greatest influence? Are there any Italian bands that have influenced your style?

In our early years, we were certainly mostly influenced by 4AD artists from the 80’s along with artists such as Twice A Man or Sad Lovers & Giants, other coldwave bands and, of course, the Italian new wave of the same age. However, in 20 years of existence we’ve been able to develop our own original style, which we love defining as frozen wave.

Tell us about your experience working with Rony Moring remixing There’s No Tomorrow and Ashes for the album Is Anybody There?

Well, it’s been a long time ago. In 2002, we were in Milan hanging out with him in a club. He asked us to remix this new track of his, There’s No Tomorrow. So we did, and it was included in the homonymous CD single a few months after. In 2005, Rony remixed our track Ashes included in our album Is Anybody There?, released by Pandaimonium Records, the label to which we were both signed at that time. Is Anybody There? has been recently reprinted by Froxeanne’s label Calembour Record including some different bonus tracks, like our most famous Polar Plateau version, Aggravation Mix.

The Frozen Autumn – Polar Plateau

The Frozen Autumn released Visionary Landscapes as Static Movement in 1999. Any plans to revive this project?

Well, we could. But we have no real plans for that at the moment.

Static Movement – Outside the Line

What do you think about your fans reception to the release of Chirality in 2011?

It was greatly welcome. Everything about it felt like success and a big achievement. People really seem to like it a lot, and we’re really happy for that.

The Frozen Autumn – Chirality

Are you planning, or working, in a new album?

Yes, we are.

The Frozen Autumn returns to Peru after 9 years. The first time you came with the band was in 2004 and played at the Medusa Festival in Lima. This time the band comes back as part of a South American Tour and will play a concert at Disorder Café Bar on October 12th. What awaits your fans at the show in Lima? Will the band present new material?

We never reveal much about our shows playlist, but It’s going to be Diego Merletto and Froxeanne on stage, with beautiful background videos, singing, playing synthesizers and dancing to frozen wave music for our fans’ delight.

The Frozen Autumn – Don’t Cry For Me (Lima September 2009)

Finally, would you like to send a message to your fans via Subte Rock?

We’re really looking forward to finally playing live for you all again. We’ll be waiting for you all on October 12th, see you there!

frozen wave flyer frozen autumn

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